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Are you new to faith or looking to make Flourishing your church home? We have many options below to strengthen your faith and to find out more about our church.


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You’ve decided to follow Jesus; Congratulations!


We are so excited that you have taken the greatest step of your life by asking Jesus Christ to be your personal Lord and Savior. Honestly, no other decision will change your life more than this one. Did you know that the seven days after you make the decision to become a Christian are the most important? This is the period of time when you will take the initial steps toward walking out your newfound faith. During this time, you will form new habits that will strengthen your walk with the Lord and establish you as part of God’s family.


This New Believers’ Devotional will help guide you on the path of pursuing a personal relationship with Jesus and show you how to become His disciple


Water Baptism is a significant faith step in the life of every believer.


What are our ING classes?


The last three letters in the word Flourishing are ING. It’s what makes the word a verb. Being a follower of Christ is about continual movement and growth and that’s what these classes are designed to do for you.


Find out more about Flourishing Church, our values and your spiritual gifting during this “at your own pace” course.

You’ll discover what makes our church unique and

how you can be apart

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Course 1 & 2

Course 3

Congrats! You have finished the Flourishing Church ING Courses! A member of our ING Team will be reaching out to you soon to go over your results.

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